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Hey Guys
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NOTE: This site is not yet finished, at all. Most modules are still being constructed and thought out. We will continue constructing this site, and adding on to it. You know it is finished when this notification is gone.We will have a paid for site by the New Year. Thank you for your patience, and feel free to roam the site and look at what we have now.
Halo Website

We encourage you to join both sites. As your authentication code, please put "STO Modern Warfare 3"

We are proud of our Halo website, as it is the basis of our clan. This is where all of the magic happens, and where our clan is centered. We have long hoped to expand our clan to games other than halo, and this website is the first step. We are working hard to make a site as good as this one for our Call of Duty section. We will build and build until this site and clan are as large and strong as the Halo section. We are NOT saying that all things clan will involve Halo. This site will ONLY have MW3 information, and THAT site will have ONLY Halo information (although there may be forum topics in both sites discussing either game). The thing that keeps this site interconnected with the other site are the admins. The admins here are representatives from the Halo site, who are interested in leading an MW3 clan. If your reputation rises, you can either take the position as leader here, or be rewarded with your own site to lead another game.

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